justinn (thejuiceboxhero) wrote in bayareafilms,

Hey guys, just saw this and thought you'd be perfect for an up and coming High school film fest.
It's gonna be at the Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose. It's called the FTI Film festival.

- Rules of submission:
- short films of no longer than 20 minutes
- you can submit one movie into each category, but you are limited to ONE per category:
*Drama, Horror, Action, Comedy, Parody, Documentary and Miscellaneous
- No excessive amount of violence, explicit sex, use of drugs or inappropriate language (try to
keep it to a minimum)

- There will be one winner in each category (and prizes), and possibly some films who get Honorable Mention.

Some of that might be subject to change. The due date for films: April 8th.

So get crackin.
p.s. Tell all your friends!

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